ESH | Oh… Sir! The Hollywood Roast Review

Video games always seem to involve char­ac­ters resolv­ing their prob­lems with their fists or guns. Some­times, is it a smarter choice to use your words? This is the hypoth­e­sis that Oh… Sir!! The Insult Sim­u­la­tor and Oh… Sir! The Hol­ly­wood Roast seek to answer. Tak­ing a brand new spin on fight­ing games, these games pit two char­ac­ters against one another in a bat­tle of words that can only end with one victor.


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ESH | TWD Season 3 ‘From the Gallows’ Review

Start­ing up the final episode of sea­son 3 for The Walk­ing Dead, I had a hard time imag­in­ing the endgame Tell­tale had in mind. The main antag­o­nist of the sea­son had already been dealt with and the fate of Rich­mond seemed pretty set in stone. There were cer­tainly a few sur­prises in there, I’ll get to that in a bit, but after fin­ish­ing up Javier’s story, I felt like they didn’t quite make good on what made this sea­son unique: The flash­back sequences and your rela­tion­ship with David. Despite this, the thrills are still there and some dif­fi­cult deci­sions still had to be made in Episode 5: From the Gal­lows, which make this a rea­son­ably good sea­son of Telltale’s break­out adven­ture series.


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ESH | Demon’s Crystals Review

Mind­lessly blast­ing bad­dies is always a good way to wind down when you’re not in the mood for some­thing a lit­tle heav­ier. Demon’s Crys­tals is a twin stick shooter that’s not look­ing to break any new ground, but the mechan­ics are just good enough that it’s suit­able for some short bursts of fun. Boast­ing a sim­ple main cam­paign and six mul­ti­player types, Demon’s Crys­tals doesn’t have a lot of depth, but for the five dol­lar price tag, you’ll get enough silly fun to last you and your friends a few nights.


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ESH | TWD Season 3 ‘Thicker Than Water’ Review

One of the best things about Telltale’s take on The Walk­ing Dead has always been mak­ing dif­fi­cult deci­sions. I’ll often find myself strug­gling with decid­ing what might be the best choice in these games, even with this third sea­son. Episode 4, titled Thicker Than Water, def­i­nitely asks you to make some deci­sions, but very few of them hold the same weight as ear­lier ones. The main plot is def­i­nitely build­ing to an epic con­clu­sion, but there wasn’t a whole lot of nar­ra­tive progress across this fourth episode.


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ESH | TWD Season 3 ‘Above the Law’ Review

It’s been a hot sec­ond since the last time we checked in on Javi and the gang in sea­son 3 of Telltale’s The Walk­ing Dead series. The sec­ond episode left us with quite a cliff hanger hav­ing found Javi’s brother, David, as one of the lead­ers of the New Fron­tier group. This third episode picks this thread back up and spends a large por­tion test­ing where your loy­al­ties lay and task­ing you with mak­ing yet some more dif­fi­cult deci­sions. While episode 3, Above the Law, seems a bit more busi­ness as usual, there are still some intense moments that make it a decent episode of the cur­rent season.


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Review | Fire Emblem Heroes

Back when Nin­tendo announced they were going to start devel­op­ing some games for mobile plat­forms, my mind instantly went to the Fire Emblem series. The turn-based strat­egy series seemed per­fect to pull out of your pocket and play for a few min­utes. Nin­tendo, even on their mobile out­ings, pol­ishes all of their games to a high sheen and Fire Emblem Heroes is no dif­fer­ent. The main ques­tion to be answered here is if t has been able to over­come the free-to-play traps that gen­er­ally make me bounce off of sim­i­lar smart phone titles.


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ESH | Crossroads Converge in Michonne Episode 3

The illu­sion of choice is some­thing all of the recent Tell­tale games have been play­ing with for quite some time now. Guid­ing these char­ac­ters through har­row­ing events, it often feels as though they’ve made it through only by your wise decision-making skills. The third and final episode of the Michonne mini-series, enti­tled What We Deserve, is the first time the veil has been lifted for me and I real­ized just how lit­tle con­trol over these cir­cum­stances the player has in the game.


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ESH | Michonne Episode 2 Dials Up the Action

Mid­dle chap­ters in any series run the risk of calm­ing down a lit­tle too much and los­ing focus. The sec­ond episode of The Walk­ing Dead: Michonne, enti­tled Give No Shel­ter, avoids these prob­lems by ramp­ing the action up even higher and never let­ting go. Hav­ing estab­lished many of the char­ac­ters and their rela­tion­ships in episode 1, Give No Shel­ter is able to explore both Michonne’s tragic past and the per­ils of accept­ing strangers into your safe-house dur­ing the zom­bie apocalypse.


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ESH | République Marries Stealth and Story

Audio logs can be a great way to fit some extra nar­ra­tive con­tent into any video game, but it seems like the use of this mech­a­nism has been in decline lately. This is a prob­lem that République has aimed to solve and then some. Intro­duc­ing an intrigu­ing nar­ra­tive and fill­ing the story with some truly inter­est­ing char­ac­ters, République takes a unique spin on stealth and adven­ture games. Deliv­er­ing one of the biggest gut-punching moments in recent gam­ing mem­ory, this is one episodic stealth game you’ll want to check out.


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ESH | Michonne Slices Into Her Own Miniseries

Tell­tale games have always been set in famil­iar uni­verses and often fea­tured appear­ance by famil­iar char­ac­ters. The Walk­ing Dead: Michonne — A Tell­tale Minis­eries how­ever, cre­ates a new kind of land­mark by being the first to cast the player in an already-established role. Eas­ily the most badass char­ac­ter on the tit­u­lar TV show, sorry Daryl, Michonne is one of the most mys­te­ri­ous and inter­est­ing roles it has to offer. The issue becomes whether her already-established per­son­al­ity clashes with the morality-steering mechan­ics para­mount to the Tell­tale games series.


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