ESH | Reliefband Eliminates Gaming Nausea

Motion sick­ness is one of the few things that still wor­ries me about VR tak­ing off in a big way. Every per­son is dif­fer­ent, and while I don’t get par­tic­u­larly motion sick, there are plenty of peo­ple close to me that do. As I was prepar­ing to head out to E3 2016, an email popped into my inbox about a prod­uct that claimed to offer relief from motion sick­ness for gamers, specif­i­cally cit­ing VR. Relief­band already has a his­tory with pre­vent­ing nau­sea and may just be the per­fect tool to strap on your wrist when vis­it­ing your vir­tual world of choice.


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Bonus Scare | Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

Update: I have now embed­ded the archive of this video below. Enjoy!

It’s not always easy to get in to see a game at E3. This year I lit­er­ally had to make the choice between my two favorite fran­chises. Since The Leg­end of Zelda has the slight edge, I decided to not go bananas over get­ting in to see Res­i­dent Evil 7. Thank­fully, Cap­com has released a demo for the upcom­ing title and I have fever­ishly avoided all cov­er­age of it so I can play it live today! So, join me for a playable teaser for the next Res­i­dent Evil game at 5pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play!


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E3 2016 | Attack on Titan

Admit­tedly being a fairly casual fan of anime, Attack on Titan man­aged to be big enough to cap­ture even my atten­tion when it came over here. The way the char­ac­ters move when they bat­tle and the mys­te­ri­ous­ness of the giant naked titans dom­i­nat­ing the world is an intrigu­ing premise in itself. It’s one of those shows that just seems ripe for a video game adap­ta­tion, so you can put your­self in the shoes of the Sur­vey Corps as they fight against the ter­ri­fy­ing giants, slash­ing their necks as they swoop by using their Ver­ti­cal Maneu­ver­ing Equip­ment. There have been many false starts on get­ting a good game, but it looks like Koei Tecmo may finally be giv­ing us the game that will do the series justice.


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E3 2016 | Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Table­top gam­ing is some­thing I only became pas­sion­ate about in the last few years, but it has really sunk its fangs into me. Were­wolf, or Mafia as I played it in col­lege, has always been one of my favorite games because of the vari­ety and sto­ries cre­ated while play­ing. Escape rooms have also recently become a huge phe­nom­e­non lately and, as a huge puz­zle fan, I’ve tried quite a few around where I live. This year, the Indiecade, which is my favorite place at E3 to spot awe­some new games, hosted a few table­top games. Escape Room in a Box: The Were­wolf Exper­i­ment imme­di­ately drew my atten­tion by com­bin­ing both of these con­cepts and I man­aged to secure a seat to play it at the show.


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E3 2016 | Narcosis

VR has finally arrived and it was a major part of the show floor this year at E3 2016. While there are many amaz­ing things that are cur­rently being devel­oped for VR, one of the most excit­ing for me per­son­ally is hor­ror. Amp­ing up the atmos­phere by throw­ing you com­pletely into that world, there’s noth­ing scarier than a spooky VR game. Nar­co­sis puts you in the shoes of a per­son that has been stranded deep under­wa­ter and must find their way back to the sur­face. Sneaky diver suits and giant spi­ders are only the begin­ning of the mad­ness found in this deep sea hor­ror game.


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E3 2016 | Loot Rascals

Rogue­like games had a big boom after the suc­cess of titles like Rogue Legacy and Spelunky, which led to quite a few duds. I was almost ready to give up on see­ing another fresh spin on the con­cept, until I stepped up to play Loot Ras­cals this year at E3. Offer­ing a fun and addict­ing take on procedurally-generated areas and turn-based com­bat, this was prob­a­bly one of the best indie titles I played at the show. It had a col­or­ful, vibrant and silly art-style and I just couldn’t help but fin­ish the entire demo.


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E3 2016 | Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter

Detec­tive sto­ries have drawn me in for me entire life. There’s noth­ing quite like see­ing a case through from begin­ning to end and some are bite-sized enough to get through in a sin­gle sit­ting. In an ever-increasing pan­theon of amaz­ing detec­tives, none will ever be able to match the bril­liance of Sher­lock Holmes. Frog­wares has been doing a splen­did job mak­ing games star­ring the world’s great­est con­sult­ing detec­tive for quite some time, but they really man­aged to hit their stride with their last game Sher­lock Holmes: Crimes and Pun­ish­ments. I got to see one case from their next game, Sher­lock Holmes: The Devil’s Daugh­ter, and it looks as though they’ve leaned into what made the pre­vi­ous title great and have put together another excit­ing adventure.


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E3 2016 | Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor — Martyr

Enter­ing fresh into a well-established fran­chise can be a pretty intim­i­dat­ing prospect. Warham­mer 40,000 has a sto­ried his­tory in numer­ous media types includ­ing table­top, video games and even a movie. Thus, com­ing in blind would be kind of like going to see Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War with­out see­ing any of the pre­vi­ous movies. It’s cer­tainly enter­tain­ing, but a lit­tle hard to fol­low in terms of char­ac­ter moti­va­tions and the estab­lished uni­verse. Still, as I have found in the past, some­times div­ing into this prover­bial deep end is the per­fect way to shoul­der your way into some­thing new and find the per­fect jump­ing off point to becom­ing a fan. This is the approach I took in check­ing out Warham­mer 40,000: Inquisi­tor — Mar­tyr at E3 this year and from what I saw, it looks to be the per­fect on-ramp for me to get into the series.


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E3 2016 | A Narrative Journey Through ‘Breath of the Wild’

The foun­da­tion of the Leg­end of Zelda series was built upon explo­ration. Wan­der­ing the scenic hills of Hyrule in search of secrets has always been the thing that made the best games in the series so fun. Nin­tendo allowed me to explore the diverse lands of The Leg­end of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in the E3 demo for quite a while, so instead of list­ing off the fea­tures I noticed in this breath­tak­ing, pun com­pletely intended, adven­ture game, I’m going to take you through the story of my explo­ration of Hyrule. Come join me as I stroll the the lands of Nintendo’s next epic.


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E3 2016 | Hand of Fate 2

Per­fect­ing a for­mula doesn’t always hap­pen on the first go around. Some­times iter­at­ing on a con­cept is the best way to take a good idea and turn it into a great one. The orig­i­nal Hand of Fate game was already one of the best table­top and video game mashups I’ve played. The sequel, Hand of Fate 2, looks to take those great con­cepts and expand upon them in clever ways to bring the game to the next level.


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