ESH | Dinos Are Huge in ‘Robinson: The Journey’

Cry­tek always seems to be among the first to push hard­ware to its limit with their games. It wouldn’t be Cry­tek with­out some lush jun­gles, but for their first foray into PlaySta­tion VR they’ve filled them with dinosaurs. Task­ing you with explor­ing this gor­geous world, Robin­son: The Jour­ney does some amaz­ing work with both scale and depth per­cep­tion. Per­fectly sculpted for VR, this cre­ta­ceous expe­di­tion is not quite the action-packed adven­ture it might resem­ble at first glance, but the sheer joy of explo­ration makes it worth check­ing out.


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ESH | ‘Overcooked’ Best to Filet with Friends

Cook­ing games that require mul­ti­task­ing are amongst the most addic­tive out there. Often includ­ing keep­ing a mil­lion things in your brain at once, it’s easy to wish you had some­one there to help out. This is the exact expe­ri­ence Over­cooked: Gourmet Edi­tion looks to offer. Sport­ing a hilar­i­ously wacky story and the most intense co-op game­play around, this is one you’ll want to check out and make sure to bring a friend.


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ESH | Three is the Jackbox Charm

Rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing local mul­ti­player by allow­ing smart­phones to be used as con­trollers, The Jack­box Party Pack has been a sta­ple for nearly every party I’ve thrown since it came out. None of the col­lec­tions had been per­fect yet though, as there were always a few duds in each pack. Sport­ing the best selec­tion of games yet, The Jack­box Party Pack 3 is now avail­able and might just be the selec­tion I boot up here on out when­ever I have folks over. Sport­ing four brand new games along­side my per­sonal favorite return­ing game, let’s break each of them down one by one in no par­tic­u­lar order.


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ESH | King’s Quest Ep. 5 ‘The Good Knight’

Wrap­ping up an episodic nar­ra­tive game game be tricky, as we have seen from many Tell­tale sea­sons. King’s Quest has been both a tri­umphant trib­ute to the series of the past and an incred­i­ble story in its own right. Suc­cess­fully tow­ing the line between fan­ci­ful humor and gen­uinely emo­tional moments, King’s Quest has been one of my favorite games of the year thus far. Episode 5, titled “The Good Knight” wraps up the series by tying up any of the loose ends left and recount­ing many moments of your jour­ney. The end result is a final episode that pro­vided some of the best nos­tal­gia, not just for the older games, but even for moments from ear­lier episodes.


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ESH | Come Hang at the ‘Sports Bar VR

Vir­tual real­ity is still a brand new addi­tion to my home and thus nearly any­thing feels pretty novel. Bar­rel­ing down the lanes of Thumper and rid­ing the ter­ror roller­coaster of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are things that just can’t hap­pen in the real world. What about things that can exist in the real world then? Tack­ling this sub­ject, Sports Bar VR sticks you into a vir­tual drink­ing hole filled with the stan­dard fare of games you might find in one of those loca­tions. There isn’t a ton there, but the charm of Sports Bar VR is found in a slightly dif­fer­ent kind of interaction.


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PSVR Quickie Review | Thumper

Thank­fully, I’ve never taken drugs or had any kind of psy­che­delic trip that’s gone ter­ri­bly wrong. From how it has been depicted in movies, I can’t imag­ine you could get much closer than, what is prob­a­bly my favorite PSVR launch title, Thumper. A game that is aptly described as “rhythm vio­lence” has you bar­rel­ing down a path as a scarab bee­tle mak­ing sharp turns and bust­ing through bar­ri­ers in a world that is made all the more ter­ri­fy­ing when you strap a VR head­set around your face. In an inter­est­ing twist, Thumper does not require VR to play, yet from my expe­ri­ence immers­ing your­self in the visu­als via PSVR gives you a mas­sive advan­tage towards nail­ing though cues.


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