ESH | Papers Please Pleases Players

Just when I thought every game about a menial job had already been made, I hap­pen to find Papers, Please.  This title has you man­ning the booth at bor­der con­trol for the fic­tional coun­try of Arstotzkan, painstak­ingly com­par­ing entry doc­u­ments and allow­ing or deny­ing peo­ple entry.  While the task you’re assigned in this game sounds rather dull on paper, pun intended, with the twists they throw into the mix, it cre­ates an excit­ing and some­times stress­ful game that becomes hard to quit.


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ESH | Doing DLC Right

Ear­lier this week, the follow-up DLC for Dead Space 3 was released.  In spite of fin­ish­ing the game, and thor­oughly enjoy­ing my expe­ri­ence, I am cur­rently abstain­ing from down­load­ing this new con­tent.  My choice is not the result of the add-on look­ing unap­peal­ing, quite the con­trary, it has more to do with the con­tent within the pack.  There’s a dis­turb­ing trend amongst DLC that some games have been releas­ing where the add-on con­tains story beats within the main plot of the game.  While the argu­ment can be made that with­out the extra devel­op­ment time that DLC allows for, these extra bits wouldn’t even exist, if it comes out one month after release, then it was clearly planned from the begin­ning and should be a part of the main game.

DLC Combo

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ESH | Free Game Report: March on PSN

Who doesn’t love free games?  This is the ques­tion that Sony asked them­selves when com­ing up with their bril­liant idea for an instant game col­lec­tion as part of their PlaySta­tion Plus pro­gram.  So far, my hard drive is over­flow­ing with good qual­ity games that I paid no addi­tional fee for, aside from my PS+ mem­ber­ship.  This month, Sony has quite a few free­bies in mind, but don’t fret if you’re not a mem­ber of their paid ser­vice, they’re even offer­ing a few titles free of charge with or with­out PlaySta­tion Plus.


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Hear Me Out | Grandia Has My Favorite Battle System

Ever since the 8-bit ages, when the turn-based RPG for­mula was per­fected, game devel­op­ers have been try­ing to rein­vent the bat­tle sys­tem wheel.  As the years have pro­gressed, we’ve seen many inter­est­ing new ver­sions that take the core con­cepts of the bat­tling you might find in an RPG, let’s say Final Fan­tasy, and expand upon them in fun ways.  Some I’ve really enjoyed and oth­ers have left me want­ing, but there is one series that stands above them all in my eyes.  While the Grandia series is far from per­fect in many ways, the bat­tle sys­tem is still to this day my favorite com­bi­na­tion of real-time and turn-based action in any RPG series.


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