Licensed games have always been a lit­tle hit-or-miss over the years, but there was a gold­en peri­od in the Super Nin­ten­do and Sega Gen­e­sis era where there were some true hits. Dis­ney in par­tic­u­lar had a few back in the day based on their hit films. Vir­gin Games were tasked with cre­at­ing video games based on both Aladdin and The Lion King which were wild­ly pop­u­lar at the time due to the hype built up by the films. Dis­ney Clas­sic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King is a col­lec­tion of these two games which gives play­ers the chance to revis­it their child­hood and expe­ri­ence these games once again.

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