ESH | Nintendo Launches Miiverse to the Web

Arguably one of the best fea­tures of Nintendo’s lat­est home con­sole is their forum-like com­mu­ni­ties in the Miiverse. The only prob­lem thus far, is that it has been chained to the con­sole, only allow­ing you to look and post from the sys­tem itself. Nin­tendo has reme­died this today by releas­ing the beta ver­sion of a web-based access point for their social ser­vice.

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ESH | Sony Offers Up Meaty Soul Sacrifice Demo

After quite a delay, PlaySta­tion finally offered up a demo ver­sion of their upcom­ing Vita title Soul Sac­ri­fice this Wednes­day. Stretch­ing the bound­aries of what you might call a demo, this con­tent con­tains a huge chunk of the game to both whet your appetite and get you prop­erly famil­iar with its mechan­ics before their April 30th release date. The only ques­tion at this point is whether this game was worth the long wait, or if Sony sac­ri­ficed too much time get­ting it into the hands of game-hungry Vita owners.


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ESH | Physical vs Digital Media: The Pros

As more and more games are being released dig­i­tally on day one, we’re quickly approach­ing a day when phys­i­cal media will become a thing of the past.  Dur­ing this tran­si­tionary period where both meth­ods of con­tain­ing media are avail­able, it’s nat­ural for peo­ple to hold dis­cus­sions about their pre­ferred method of buy­ing games.  Even more nat­ural is for this dis­cus­sion to quickly become heated as a person’s pas­sion­ate opin­ion about their side of the argu­ment boils up inside them.  With that in mind, I’d like to take a sec­ond, cool things down and put together a level-headed pros list for each side of the argument.


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