ESH | The Best and Worst of Pokémon

When a new game in a long-standing series comes out, it always gets me think­ing about their pre­de­ces­sors. With Poké­mon X/Y out now, I can’t help but think about my favorite entries in the mon­ster col­lect­ing series. Equally as tempt­ing, is think­ing about the most dis­ap­point­ing gen­er­a­tion for me. While the best and worst in a series as con­sis­tently fun as Poké­mon is really just nit-picking, join me for a moment while I explore both ends of the Poké­mon polar­ity of quality.


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ESH | Nintendo Helps You Explore The Louvre

Last week, when on my hon­ey­moon, I vis­ited acclaimed art museum The Lou­vre. As a huge video game fan, when I passed the audio guide desk, I did a double-take. On a giant sign plas­tered behind the counter was a giant pic­ture of a 3DS XL. Nat­u­rally, I was curi­ous about how a 3DS could guide me through the art of the French museum, so I put some money down and checked one out. What I found was the best expe­ri­ence with an audio guide I’ve had and a exam­ple that more loca­tions should follow.


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