ESH | How to Survive Puts the Emphasis Back on Survival

When faced with a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse, often the first thing one might think of is how they’re going to take down the hordes of the undead. This is cer­tainly an impor­tant point to think about, but there’s some­thing even I often for­get to take into con­sid­er­a­tion: basic sur­vival. How to Sur­vive takes this con­cept and runs with it by strand­ing you on sev­eral desert-islands infested with zom­bies and tasks you with staving off your hunger and thirst in addi­tion to the horde of ghouls that infest the islands.


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ESH | Get a Little Knack On Your iPhone

Com­pan­ion apps seem like they’re going to be one of the major fea­tures of the upcom­ing con­sole gen­er­a­tion. Many antic­i­pated games have smart­phone appli­ca­tions that inter­act either directly or indi­rectly with the full con­sole release. One that hit the Apple App Store today was one for upcom­ing PS4 launch title Knack. This gem-matching game enti­tled Knack’s Quest has you match­ing relics instead of jew­els and might just be a good way to kill a few min­utes while wait­ing for the PS4 to launch next Friday.


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This Just In | Free Game Report 11/5

You know what my favorite price is? Free. At any given moment there are usu­ally a decent num­ber of free games out there to grab. No, I don’t mean the games that are always free, I’m talk­ing about the ones that usu­ally cost money. So, I’ve gath­ered together all of the sources I usu­ally check and have com­piled it here for your con­sum­ing plea­sure. Hit me up and let me know if there’s any­where else I should fre­quent for free game, or per­haps just some that I’ve missed.


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Ramblings | Offline Mode as a Feature

Our world is grow­ing more and more con­nected every day. It’s gone from rude to almost assumed that smart­phones come out at some point dur­ing din­ner. Mul­ti­player in video games has felt quite a bit of this change as well. With rare excep­tion from Nin­tendo, it seems that the norm for mul­ti­player is chang­ing from some­thing you do on the couch next to your bud­dies to over a web­cam or head­set. With that rise in the pop­u­lar­ity of online mul­ti­player, we’re start­ing to see some games that don’t even give you the option to play by your­self, to the point where the lat­est game in the Call of Duty series actu­ally lists “offline mode” as a feature

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ESH | Watch Out For Launch Goggles

The world is just two and three weeks away from being rocked by the launch of new home con­soles and I’m already get­ting excited. I have my con­sole squared away, but the real tricky parts are the games. Sure, it seems like an easy task pick­ing out awe­some new games for your brand new sys­tem, but I’m here to tell you that there is a very easy trap to fall into. With all the sheen of your advanced new con­sole, it’s easy to go over­board and buy games you might not oth­er­wise. I call this phe­nom­e­non Launch Gog­gles, but there are dif­fer­ent kinds, so pull up and chair and heed my words of warning.


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