ESH | The Good, Bad and Surprising in the “Destiny” Alpha

Hav­ing missed the PlaySta­tion Plus signup oppor­tu­nity for the Des­tiny alpha, I had resigned myself to wait­ing for the beta tak­ing place next month. The email I received stat­ing I had got­ten in was, there­fore, a com­plete sur­prise. Rush­ing over to my PS4, I imme­di­ately down­loaded the early ver­sion of this MMO shooter and spent a good chunk of the week­end enjoy­ing it. What I found ended up sur­pris­ing me, delight­ing me, dis­ap­point­ing me and impress­ing me all in one giant pack­age. Let’s take it by each sep­a­rate reac­tion and go over my time with the Des­tiny alpha.


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ESH | TownCraft Lets You Pay Once and Craft Forever

One of my least favorite things about gam­ing on a mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad, are the inclu­sions of in-app-purchases. As such, when I saw Town­Craft for iOS proudly pro­claim that con­tained no such trans­ac­tions, it attracted my atten­tion. Not sure what I might be get­ting into from there, I found myself play­ing a game with one such a deft touch, I had be impressed.

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