ESH | Smash Bros. 3DS Demo Impressions

Aside from what was implied by the hilar­i­ous com­mer­cial it received, I was not sure what to expect from the orig­i­nal Super Smash Bros. game when I first popped it into my N64. What I ended up with was an amaz­ing brawl­ing game that ended up as one of my favorite series of all time. Nat­u­rally, I was excited when Nin­tendo sent me, as a reg­u­lar plat­inum Club Nin­tendo mem­ber, a code to play the demo for the lat­est entry in the series early. The demo is very sparse, but it’s been enough to give me a taste and get me excited about a few new things in the game.


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ESH | Confessions of an Unapologetic Early Adopter

New tech­nol­ogy seems to come out nearly every year and more often I’ve been hear­ing peo­ple talk more about wait­ing for that sec­ond iter­a­tion before tak­ing the dive. It makes sense hon­estly, a lot of times they make some good improve­ments and some­times even drop the price a bit the sec­ond go around. There’s some­thing about get­ting in at the ground floor how­ever, that I can­not seem to resist. Emerg­ing gear is excit­ing and being a part of it is impor­tant for both the hard­ware devel­op­ers and the future of the product.


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