In Your Face | Mass Effect

I’m proud to present my new video fea­ture In Your Face, which fea­tures Kim cre­at­ing her­self and other real peo­ple using char­ac­ter edi­tors from video games! In the first episode, Kim cre­ates her­self in BioWare’s space epic Mass Effect so I can play through the tril­ogy as her. Hit the jump to see the video embed­ded here or visit my YouTube chan­nel for even more awe­some videos!


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Ramblings | Finishing Mass Effect 3 Late

It’s been a long and ardu­ous road for my ver­sion of the Mass Effect hero Com­man­der Shep­ard, but it finally came to a close last night.  I’m not quite sure why I put off fin­ish­ing the game for this long, but it may have ended up being for the best. A huge amount of the extra down­load­able con­tent, per­haps more than it should have been, really enhanced my play-through and left me pretty sat­is­fied with the end­ing where most peo­ple were not.  Join me, or don’t if you haven’t fin­ished this game yet and intend to, as I explore how the end of one of my favorite trilo­gies in gam­ing made me feel and how it might have affected me dif­fer­ently had I fin­ished it back when it first came out. 


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