ESH | The Escapists 2 Review

Ago­niz­ing over the per­fect plan, metic­u­lously prep­ping all the nec­es­sary com­po­nents and then hav­ing it all come apart due to an unseen cir­cum­stance. Escap­ing prison seems like it would be an endeavor that which I would fail mis­er­ably to exe­cute with the per­fec­tion it requires. If noth­ing else, The Escapists 2 has only proven this fact as I have spent plenty of time in soli­tary con­fine­ment for my failed schemes. Thank­fully, unlike real life, the con­se­quences of these failed jail­breaks are min­i­mal and with enough prac­tice, I was even­tu­ally able to spring myself from the joint. It’s this con­cept that makes The Escapists 2 the per­fect action puz­zle game for any­one with a lot of patience look­ing for a real challenge.


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ESH | ‘Overcooked’ Best to Filet with Friends

Cook­ing games that require mul­ti­task­ing are amongst the most addic­tive out there. Often includ­ing keep­ing a mil­lion things in your brain at once, it’s easy to wish you had some­one there to help out. This is the exact expe­ri­ence Over­cooked: Gourmet Edi­tion looks to offer. Sport­ing a hilar­i­ously wacky story and the most intense co-op game­play around, this is one you’ll want to check out and make sure to bring a friend.


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