The cam­era slow­ly pans around from the back of a giant stone throne. There, look­ing almost bored and hold­ing a gob­let, sits Drac­u­la. A low rum­ble shakes the room and man­ages to grab Dracula’s atten­tion. He takes one last sip from the gob­let and toss­es it in front of him as he stands to face the threat. The rum­bling gets loud­er and loud­er until  the door gives way to the giant bat­ter­ing ram. As the ner­vous knights pour into the room, Drac­u­la reclaims his cup from the floor and pro­claims “What a time­ly coin­ci­dence. I’m dying for a lit­tle drop of blood.” This sets the scene for the E3 demo of PS3 and 360 title Castl­e­va­nia: Lords of Shad­ow 2.

Back in the Castle

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