Tele­por­ta­tion has always been on my short list for super pow­ers I would most like to have at my dis­pos­al. Tak­ing the nat­ur­al pro­gres­sion of this pow­er and cast­ing you as a tele­port­ing thief, Mr. Shifty is the brawler I have been await­ing for quite a while. Com­bin­ing break­neck over­head action sim­i­lar to Hot­line Mia­mi and Night­crawler-style tele­por­ta­tion, this game scratch­es mul­ti­ple itch­es I did­n’t even know were there for me. Mr. Shifty empow­ers the play­er and makes you feel like a com­plete badass as you punch your way through rooms of gun-tot­ing goons.


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