Atmos­phere, in my hum­ble opin­ion, is one of the most impor­tant things a game can cre­ate. Back in 2010, Play­dead intro­duced us all to a puz­zle plat­former than oozed atmos­phere and cre­at­ed a sur­pris­ing­ly tense 2‑D expe­ri­ence with Lim­bo. Since then many devel­op­ers have tried to recap­ture the mag­ic of this game by mim­ic­k­ing its aes­thet­ics or game­play. Com­ing from this stand­point, Lukáš Navrátil cre­at­ed Toby: The Secret Mine as a solo project. While it does­n’t quite recap­ture the tense feel­ing of the game it was inspired by, there are some good moments to latch onto here.


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