Just when I thought every game about a menial job had already been made, I hap­pen to find Papers, Please.  This title has you man­ning the booth at bor­der con­trol for the fic­tion­al coun­try of Arstotzkan, painstak­ing­ly com­par­ing entry doc­u­ments and allow­ing or deny­ing peo­ple entry.  While the task you’re assigned in this game sounds rather dull on paper, pun intend­ed, with the twists they throw into the mix, it cre­ates an excit­ing and some­times stress­ful game that becomes hard to quit.


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2 thoughts on “<span class="caps">ESH</span> | Papers Please Pleases Players

  1. TSA should use this game as job for train­ing new employ­ees or to screen out appli­cants. It could save the gov­ern­ment $mil­lions! Nation­al debt cri­sis solved.

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