Thanks for join­ing me for the stream! Hit con­tin­ue read­ing to get the lev­el codes for every­thing I played tonight so you can try them yourself!

Per­plex­ing Pipe Pan­de­mo­ni­um! E1F2-0000–0013-1D55

Cas­tle Conun­drum! B052-0000003A-DD95

Stand Still D79C-000000D8-AE6F

Rad­i­cal Cheep Cheep Surf­ing 3382–0000-00D3-429D

Super Air­ship Pilot Wings 64 E310-000000D0-759C

Ghost House Test 1 7609–0000-009D-9857

Thwom­pi­va­tor 7EE9-0000007B-0338

Who Turned On Easy Mode? 179B-0000007E-1C16

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