5 Things | I Rock to On My Commute

Often when I’m rid­ing the rail to or from work, while I’d love to be gam­ing, it’s much eas­ier to just lis­ten to some tunes.  You might, at this point, be ask­ing what kind of music I lis­ten to dur­ing my com­mute.  I’m here to tell you that, while I often lis­ten to a vari­ety of things, my favorites are usu­ally songs from video games.  Here are five of the ones that I crank the vol­ume up all the way when they come on.  I’ve included links to each song on the title, so feel free to give them a lis­ten and hear for yourself.


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Ramblings | The ZombiU Misconception

One of the most highly antic­i­pated Wii U launch titles, Zom­biU was not quite what some peo­ple were expect­ing.  Depend­ing upon what you might’ve been hop­ing for from the zom­bie shooter, you could either have been delight­fully sur­prised or a lit­tle dis­ap­pointed.  Since the release, the game has seen mixed reviews, but is that due to the qual­ity of the game or mis­matched expec­ta­tions? 

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This Just In | Resident Evil: Revelations Might Be Heading to HD Consoles

Joys­tiq is report­ing that pre­vi­ous Nin­tendo 3DS exclu­sive Res­i­dent Evil: Rev­e­laitons Rev­e­la­tions will be head­ing to PS3 and 360.  This title, while designed for the portable con­sole, is well suited to be upscaled to the TV.  It also hap­pens to be the best Res­i­dent Evil game that’s been released this year.  This is a lit­tle odd fig­ur­ing we’ve had three games released in the series this year alone, but still every bit worth celebrating.

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Ramblings | True Stories of a New Wii U Owner

The main things about the Wii U that make it a very excit­ing new con­sole are the ideas it’s brought along with it.  After a few days get­ting to play with the new sys­tem, I already have some spe­cific sto­ries as to how some of those ideas are pan­ning out really well.  I also have some tales to tell of some of those awk­ward moments adjust­ing to a new way to play entails. 

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5 Things | I’m Going To Do In the Wii U Line

With every big sys­tem launch, there’s always a line to stand in. If you reserved the con­sole, your place in line isn’t as big a deal, but there’ll still be a bit of wait­ing asso­ci­ated with the big day.  So, the ques­tion becomes, what do you do while wait­ing to bring home your new piece of tech­nol­ogy?  This is a ques­tion that I will need to face tomor­row morn­ing, so here are 5 things I will be doing while in line for the Wii U tomorrow.

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On the Bright Side | Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Some­times a game comes along that does not meet the expec­ta­tions of the fans that were antic­i­pat­ing it.  With Res­i­dent Evil: Oper­a­tion Rac­coon City, fans were expect­ing an action-packed romp through the final days of the zombie-filled city, but what they got instead ended up dis­ap­point­ing them.  Every game deserves its day and every zom­bie deserves a feast, so I’m here to put a lit­tle pos­i­tiv­ity into the world with my bright side review of Res­i­dent Evil: Oper­a­tion Rac­coon City.

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This Just In | Nintendo Reveals Online Service Details

With the impend­ing release of the Wii U, Nin­tendo has finally given us a few more details about the var­i­ous online fea­tures of the new sys­tem.  They’ve released a video that gives a lot more infor­ma­tion, and some spe­cific exam­ples, of how Miiverse, Nin­tendo Net­work and the inter­net browser work on the con­sole.  Don’t take my work for it though, check out this video Nin­tendo has released below.