ESH | Why I’m Excited About the PS4

It’s offi­cial, Sony’s next con­sole is finally out in the open.  While watch­ing the pre­sen­ta­tion, imag­in­ing what will be com­ing next for the new con­sole when it launches later this year, I couldn’t help but be excited.  Lit­tle to my sur­prise, after the show was over, I surfed around a bit to see what other peo­ple were think­ing and there were quite a few naysay­ers.  While there were also plenty of folks who are equally as excited as I am, I felt I would take just a few min­utes and list off a few of the rea­sons why I’m truly excited for Sony’s next console.


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ESH | Dead Space Catalyst Is Insane

Peo­ple kept telling me I needed to put down Dead Space 3 for a few min­utes and maybe read a book.  Fol­low­ing their advice, I decided to pick up B. K. Even­son novel Dead Space: Cat­a­lyst for a change of pace.  This book, set in the uni­verse of the acclaimed EA fran­chise, has some great twists and makes good use of the license by tak­ing the insan­ity theme for the series and expand­ing upon it.


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ESH | Play Ouya Game From Space! And Protect the Moon

One of the biggest sur­prises last year was the run­away suc­cess of the Kick­starter cam­paign for the upcom­ing android-based con­sole, the Ouya. Chat­ting with one of my old class­mates from my alma mater, UNC Asheville, I dis­cov­ered he was devel­op­ing a game for the new sys­tem. After express­ing an inter­est in check­ing out his game, Designer Greg Bliss, offered me a chance to try the game out.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 10.54.37 AM

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