Wednesday Night Stream | Retron 5


It’s my birth­day and I got some new good­ies! A Retron 5 and a new Game Cap­ture HD60! As such, I’m going to be play­ing a mix of retro games tonight! Join me at 9pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play!

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ESH | The Guest Checks You Into a Hotel of Puzzles

Puz­zle enthu­si­asts have recently been treated to a plethora of real life escape rooms meant to test their problem-solving prowess. Video games have been explor­ing this con­cept for a while, but the time­li­ness of the release of the first-person explo­ration game The Guest has put a spot­light on how well-executed games can be almost as good as the real thing. Suc­cess­fully tow­ing the line with the dif­fi­culty of its puz­zles, The Guest is a solid first-person expe­ri­ence with a slightly bizarre story.


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GOTY 2015 | Number 8 — Soma

Scary games tend to ter­rify their audi­ences using jump scares most often. Some titles choose to go down a dif­fer­ent route and, while some of those same cheap thrills exist, they decide to make you really think about what’s going on. In Soma, in between being chased down by weird diver-looking under­wa­ter mon­sters or giant fish, your forced to make some dif­fi­cult choices that will not only have your sweat­ing bul­lets, but hav­ing to think hard about who you really are and whether your per­cep­tion of your­self is really true.

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