ESH | Pros and Cons: Achievement Systems

When the Xbox 360 launched back in 2005, they intro­duced a fea­ture that would for­ever change gam­ing: Achieve­ments. Since then, there have been strong and vary­ing opin­ions on the impli­ca­tions of this fea­ture. Some com­pa­nies have gone on to copy the fea­ture, while oth­ers have pur­posely avoided imple­ment­ing some­thing like it. Valve’s Steam ser­vice, while it has an achieve­ment sys­tem of its own, has recently imple­mented a brand new fea­ture that some are say­ing is the future of gam­ing achieve­ments. With Trad­ing Cards enter­ing the fray, I wanted to take a sec­ond and look at the pros and cons of each strat­egy that has been tried thus far.


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ESH | New StreetPass Games Breakdown

To this day, one of my favorite fea­tures of the 3DS is the Street­Pass Plaza. The abil­ity to walk around with your con­sole and pick up stranger’s Miis for use in some quick lit­tle games is not only fun, but gives you an excuse to always have your 3DS on you. For the longest time, the games have laregly remained unchanged, with the excep­tion of them adding Find Mii 2 and con­stantly adding new puz­zles to col­lect. Recently, they’ve changed all that by intro­duc­ing four new down­load­able games that you can add to your Street­Pass repertoire.


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ESH Review | Magic 2014 Ignites Awesome New Features

Like sports, trad­ing card games are an ever-changing medium. To that effect, each year a new video game ver­sion of each comes out annu­ally to reflect the new cards that have sur­faced for the cur­rent sea­son. With a new title com­ing every year, it’s easy for the newer games to quickly feel like the same soft­ware with dif­fer­ent cards each time. With a slew of new fea­tures, Magic: The Gath­er­ing — Duels of the Planeswalk­ers 2014 makes a clear effort to avoid stag­na­tion and keep the series fresh.


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