ESH | Killzone: Mercenary Beta Hands On

The PlaySta­tion Vita is des­per­ately in need of a killer app. With the recent price drop and impend­ing slew of indie titles headed to the portable, the one final push it needs to drive a proper install base is one game that’s just too good to pass up. After spend­ing some time with the beta for the lat­est entry in the Kil­l­zone fran­chise, I’m see­ing a game with some good poten­tial to pro­vide that needed push. After some time with the beta for Kil­l­zone: Mer­ce­nary, my hopes are cer­tainly higher for the future of the portable console.


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ESH | Can Indies Save the Vita?

The PlaySta­tion Vita, cur­rently the biggest under­dog in the portable con­sole mar­ket, has had a bit of a rough start since its launch last year. Orig­i­nally it touted itself to be a true home con­sole expe­ri­ence in the palm of your hands. The strat­egy was start­ing to sound eerily sim­i­lar to that of the PSP; a strat­egy which, by all accounts, had not been ter­ri­bly suc­cess­ful last time around. Since the announce­ment of the PS4, Sony has enhanced their rela­tion­ships with inde­pen­dent devel­op­ers and brought much of that love to the PS Vita. The one remain­ing ques­tion is whether this will be a boon for the portable, or if it’s too lit­tle too late.


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