ESH | Sony Has Hardware Synergy

The goal, it seems, of the newest set of gam­ing plat­forms is to be a cen­tral unit of enter­tain­ment for your entire liv­ing room. One com­pany that has done a pretty great job of infil­trat­ing everyone’s liv­ing room has to be Apple. It seems pretty stan­dard for a house to at least have some com­bi­na­tion of iPad, iPod and iPhone some­where in there. This begs the ques­tion, is it really the right angle to cre­ate one thing that han­dles the entire liv­ing room? This is the tac­tic being attempted by the Wii U and Xbox One, but Sony is tak­ing an approach very sim­i­lar to Apple by facil­i­tat­ing syn­ergy between both of their gam­ing platforms.


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ESH | September Pokémon Direct Breakdown

If you’re a human being with a pulse, that also pos­sesses Nintendo’s 3DS con­sole, you’re prob­a­bly look­ing for­ward to the release of Poké­mon X and Y on Octo­ber 12th of this year. Luck­ily for you, Nin­tendo has decided to share a few bits and pieces of info about the games in a spe­cial Poké­mon–themed Nin­tendo Direct. The only trou­ble, is that they’re a bit long-winded dur­ing the actual video. That’s why I’m here to break down the direct and feed the details directly to you in pill form.


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