ESH | Micro-Transactions: A Slippery Slope

Hav­ing recently dis­cussed at length the issues of micro-transactions in video game nowa­days, it seems to me the most dis­turb­ing thing about it all is that the line of what is DLC and what is a micro-transaction is already becom­ing blurred. In that light, let me go right ahead and shine as bright a light on the dif­fer­ence between the two so we can know what is okay and what is try­ing to ruin gam­ing. Before I go into detail let me just pro­vide what I think is a pretty solid line between the two: DLC is con­tent not orig­i­nally in a game that is per­ma­nently unlocked by a one-time pay­ment; a micro-transaction is when money is payed to either to speed up the process of unlock­ing con­tent or to obtain items/currency that can be used up.


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