ESH | ‘Dancing All Night’ Puts On a Good Show

It seems as though no genre of game is too sacred for the inves­ti­ga­tion team of Per­sona 4 to break into. As the series has become more pop­u­lar, they’ve bro­ken out of the RPG mold to include a cou­ple fight­ing games and even their own anime. The lat­est adven­ture, Per­sona 4: Danc­ing All Night, as you may have gath­ered, is a rhythm game focused around the lik­able group of teenagers from the afore­men­tioned RPG. Regard­less of the change in genre, Atlus is cer­tainly treat­ing Danc­ing All Night as a canon entry in the Per­sona 4 uni­verse with its own expan­sive story mode and all the char­ac­ters you’d expect to see from the orig­i­nal game.


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Smashed Rook Live | Expert 100 Mario Challenge Part 2

Now that my Metal Gear Solid V: The Phan­tom Pain review is done, I cel­e­brated by attempt­ing the sec­ond half of my Expert run on the 100 Mario Chal­lenge. Will I be able to make tall the way through with the mea­ger amount of lives I have left, or will I fall just short of vic­tory? Check out the thrilling con­clu­sion here to find out!

ESH | Tactical Espionage Perfection

I think that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phan­tom Pain might be one of the best games ever made. Hyper­bole aside, Kojima has gone out of the fran­chise with a bang, cre­at­ing a solid action game with so much replay value that it has taken me over three weeks to fin­ish enough of the game to feel com­fort­able writ­ing a review. That is to say, there’s a lot of game here, but what’s more strik­ing is how fun it stays from begin­ning to end. In an already stel­lar series of games, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phan­tom Pain man­aged to exceed my lofty expec­ta­tions and stand as my favorite game of the year thus far.


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Smashed Rook Live | Expert 100 Mario Challenge Part 1

In lieu of the stream tonight, I recorded myself play­ing through expert mode on the 100 Mario Chal­lenge in Super Mario Maker. Silly me, I thought I might be able to do the whole thing in one sit­ting, but it is actu­ally a huge time com­mit­ment. As such, this is only the first half and I will be doing the sec­ond at a later date. Enjoy!

ESH | ‘Blue and Bullets’ is a Brutal and Stylish Adventure

Narrative-driven games have seen a huge boom in the last few years. From the many titles being worked on by Tell­tale Games to the recent hor­ror title Until Dawn, if you’re look­ing for a good yarn, then gam­ing is a great place to look right now. Since Tell­tale seems to be snatch­ing up all of the licensed sto­ries, other devel­op­ers have had to get more cre­ative. Enter devel­oper A Crowd of Mon­sters with their new adven­ture game Blues and Bul­lets. Tak­ing real life his­tor­i­cal fig­ures and build­ing an inter­est­ing and bru­tal noir story, this is one episodic tale worth check­ing out.


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Smashed Rook Live | Until Dawn Parts 11–14

Here is the big finale! Ten­sions mount and peo­ple die as the story reaches the dra­matic con­clu­sion. Who will live and who will die? Watch and find out with my last 4 videos below. Thank you all so much for watch­ing and met me know if you’ve enjoyed the series by com­ment­ing here or on my YouTube page.


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Wednesday Night Stream | Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Join me for some stealth-espionage action at 9pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play!

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