Tuesday Night Stream | Bloodborne: The Old Hunters


Join me for some constant-dying action at 9pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play!

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In Your Face | Fallout 4

It was a very suc­cess­ful cou­ple of streams last night with Kim spend­ing over 90 min­utes putting together the per­fect char­ac­ters. I’ve posted the results here in pic­ture form, but you can check out the entire stream below as well.


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ESH | ‘Devastation’ Rolls Out the Nostalgia

Auto­bots and Decep­ti­cons spent quite a bit of time bat­tling it out on my play­room floor when I was young. They were some of the coolest toys around back then and I still con­sider The Trans­form­ers: The Movie, the ani­mated one not the Michael Bay joint, to be one of my favorite ani­mated films. Thus, when I heard that Plat­inumGames, the team behind games like Bay­o­netta and Metal Gear Ris­ing: Revengeance, were putting together a Trans­form­ers game, my inter­est was piqued in a big way. The end result, Trans­form­ers: Dev­as­ta­tion, is the Trans­form­ers power fan­tasy my child­hood self has been wait­ing for all this time.


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ESH | ‘Blood Drive’ Delivers Scary Story, Scarier Load Times

The visual novel genre con­stantly walks a very fine line of focus­ing on story and game­play. Rightly, since the genre is mostly about telling a good story, some of them make that the focus in games like 9 Hours 9 Per­sons 9 Doors. On the other side of things, other titles like Dan­gan­ronpa: Trig­ger Happy Havoc, put forth some inter­est­ing game­play mechan­ics to pair with the story. Corpse Party: Blood Drive goes straight down the mid­dle of that road by attempt­ing to imple­ment sur­vival hor­ror mechan­ics into its com­pelling story.


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