ESH | Michonne Slices Into Her Own Miniseries

Tell­tale games have always been set in famil­iar uni­verses and often fea­tured appear­ance by famil­iar char­ac­ters. The Walk­ing Dead: Michonne — A Tell­tale Minis­eries how­ever, cre­ates a new kind of land­mark by being the first to cast the player in an already-established role. Eas­ily the most badass char­ac­ter on the tit­u­lar TV show, sorry Daryl, Michonne is one of the most mys­te­ri­ous and inter­est­ing roles it has to offer. The issue becomes whether her already-established per­son­al­ity clashes with the morality-steering mechan­ics para­mount to the Tell­tale games series.


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Bonus Scare | Organ Trail

Com­ing into Ele­men­tary School every morn­ing, there was one thing I always made a bee­line towards: The com­puter lab. Some of those games on those older Mac­in­tosh com­put­ers are amongst my favorite gam­ing mem­o­ries. Prob­a­bly played most often was, of course, The Ore­gon Trail. Nam­ing your crew after friends or fam­ily and see­ing what nasty fate befell them was half of the fun. As such, in lieu of the Wednes­day Night Stream for the evening, I have recorded some game­play from a trib­ute game that takes the game­play from The Ore­gon Trail and frames it around the zom­bie apoc­a­lypse. Enjoy!

ESH | Conquer the ‘Rebel Galaxy’ Your Own Way

Truck­ing sim­u­la­tors have never really appealed to me. The con­cept of tak­ing goods from one place to another in a video game doesn’t exactly scream excite­ment and sounds more like work than play. Lit­tle did I know, all that was required was set­ting it in space and includ­ing blow­ing up other ships to hur­tle me over to the oppo­site side of the fence. Rebel Galaxy brings the style and action nec­es­sary to make trans­port­ing goods as excit­ing as it is cathar­tic and relaxing.


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