Play­ing through the games that have come out this year, I’ve noticed a very inter­est­ing pat­tern to the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.  Sev­er­al of my per­son­al favorites through­out the year have fea­tured zom­bie, or zom­bie-like, crea­tures.  As such, in lieu of a stan­dard game-of-the-year-type count­down, this year I’d like to recount each of my favorite titles from the last 365 days with undead crea­tures.  The first game on the dock­et to dis­cuss tech­ni­cal­ly does not have zom­bies in it, but you’d have to admit that the crea­tures found with­in were at least heav­i­ly inspired by brain-chomp­ing ghouls.

Check out more on the ESH page on EGMNow.

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