ESH | 2012 – The Year of Zombie Games Part 3

It was a pretty dark year for a par­tic­u­lar zombie-based sur­vival hor­ror series.  With three releases, at least one of them was bound to be pretty decent.  In the end, Cap­com did release one good game in the Res­i­dent Evil fran­chise this year, but it wasn’t the one I was expecting.


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ESH | 2012 – The Year of Zombie Games Part 2

A lot of games that involve the liv­ing dead are pretty lax about the rules that come with a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse.  Specif­i­cally, that when you are bit­ten by a zom­bie, even just a lit­tle bit, you’re going to be one of them pretty quickly.  One game this year took this con­cept and turned itself not only into one of the more real­is­tic zom­bie sur­vival games, but one of my favorites of the entire year.


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5 Things | That Are My Gaming Traditions

Every­one has tra­di­tions that they fol­low every year.  Some peo­ple like to visit cer­tain loca­tions, eat par­tic­u­lar foods or lis­ten to a favorite song.  Sev­eral of my tra­di­tions, as you might have guessed, involve video games and I’d like to share five of them with you right now.

5 Things Traditions

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ESH | 2012 — The Year of Zombie Games Part 1

Play­ing through the games that have come out this year, I’ve noticed a very inter­est­ing pat­tern to the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.  Sev­eral of my per­sonal favorites through­out the year have fea­tured zom­bie, or zombie-like, crea­tures.  As such, in lieu of a stan­dard game-of-the-year-type count­down, this year I’d like to recount each of my favorite titles from the last 365 days with undead crea­tures.  The first game on the docket to dis­cuss tech­ni­cally does not have zom­bies in it, but you’d have to admit that the crea­tures found within were at least heav­ily inspired by brain-chomping ghouls.

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Ramblings | Origins of Hamsterman2049

One of the ques­tions I get fairly often involves the ori­gin of the screen-name I use on a reg­u­lar basis.  Hamsterman2049 is cer­tainly a unique name, but it isn’t as ran­dom as it might appear.  There is a story that goes along with it, so sit back and I’ll tell you the tale of how this series of let­ters and num­bers came to be.

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ESH | Get Your Ticket to Nintendo Land

Every new game sys­tem needs that first game.  You know the one if talk­ing about; the title that takes the time to really show you what capa­bil­i­ties the con­sole has.  If you bought the deluxe pack­age of the Wii U, then that title was packed right in the box for you.  In Nin­tendo Land, the tit­u­lar com­pany cre­ates an amuse­ment park of fun to teach you how their new sys­tem can be used.  Like any amuse­ment park, some rides are going to be more pop­u­lar than oth­ers, but the over­all expe­ri­ence leaves you with a big smile.

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