Hav­ing nev­er played through the entire­ty of any games in the Dark Souls series, I was excit­ed that they were shak­ing up things a bit with Blood­borne. Focus­ing more on action than patience, the game suit­ed me almost imme­di­ate­ly and nev­er let go. Blood­borne fires on all cylin­ders with intense game­play, just the right amount of sto­ry and gor­geous visu­als. The Dark Souls style of tri­al and error is immense­ly sat­is­fy­ing when you man­age to get through a tough spot and kept me play­ing long past when I should have on sev­er­al occasions.


It’s easy to feel, in some games, that the spe­cial abil­i­ties you unlock through­out begin to over­pow­er you to the point where you’re not real­ly get­ting any bet­ter at the game. Blood­borne, while it does have a pro­gres­sion, man­ages to sub­vert this by being so pun­ish­ing that being lazy at any point can still get you killed very quick­ly. Thus, you do end up get­ting bet­ter at the game and it’s easy to tel, you’ve done so. This pro­gres­sion makes going back in for addi­tion­al play-throughs tons and fun. It has been the game most talked about at my water-cool­er at work and I’ve like­ly spent the most time with it as well. It has even man­aged to get me excit­ed to play Dark Souls 3 when it comes out next year, so I’ve been play­ing the old­er games in the series. Blood­borne has been my favorite game this year and, while clos­er than I expect­ed, it cer­tain­ly deserves the num­ber 1 spot on my top 10 games for the year. See you next year!

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