The Platinum Diaries | Horizon: Zero Dawn

Why This Game?

My deci­sion to go for the full plat­inum comes down to a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent things for Hori­zon: Zero Dawn. It’s both an awe­some game that I was happy to con­tinue play­ing and the remain­der of tro­phies weren’t that bad to round up in the end. Don’t get me wrong, this shouldn’t be on your short list for easy plat­inums, but if you’re going to play it any­way, you may as well go the full dis­tance. Con­sid­er­ing it’s a game where you fight giant robot dinosaurs, con­trol a com­plex and badass female char­ac­ter and the story is engag­ing and inter­est­ing, there are plenty of rea­sons to play it and grab that plat­inum by the end.


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ESH | Come Hang at the ‘Sports Bar VR

Vir­tual real­ity is still a brand new addi­tion to my home and thus nearly any­thing feels pretty novel. Bar­rel­ing down the lanes of Thumper and rid­ing the ter­ror roller­coaster of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are things that just can’t hap­pen in the real world. What about things that can exist in the real world then? Tack­ling this sub­ject, Sports Bar VR sticks you into a vir­tual drink­ing hole filled with the stan­dard fare of games you might find in one of those loca­tions. There isn’t a ton there, but the charm of Sports Bar VR is found in a slightly dif­fer­ent kind of interaction.


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PSVR Quickie Review | The Playroom VR

Local mul­ti­player is not some­thing I would have thought to be talk­ing about in rela­tion to VR. When the pri­mary player is strap­ping a head­set onto them­selves and div­ing into a vir­tual world, it’s dif­fi­cult to imag­ine oth­ers being able to play along. Thanks to the social screen and The Play­room VR, this con­cept has been thor­oughly explored and it turns out to be a lot of fun. The Play­room VR, devel­oped by the same folks who made the similarly-titled launch game for PS4, is a free col­lec­tion of games that fea­ture fun and clever asym­met­ric mul­ti­player. Rang­ing from a haunted house to a shootout in a saloon, there’s plenty of vari­ety and fun times to be had here.


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The Platinum Diaries | inFamous


Why This Game?

This one was a per­sonal vendetta that needed a con­clu­sion. Back when it first came out, I actu­ally made an hon­est attempt to get this plat­inum tro­phy. After run­ning into trou­ble a few times, I put it on hold for a lit­tle while. Then, the unthink­able hap­pened, my PS3 died and took my inFa­mous save right with it. Pick­ing it back up, since most of the miss­ing tro­phies were just the evil side stuff, I man­aged to finally check this one off my list. Con­tinue read­ing