Build­ing cus­tom Super Mario Bros. lev­els sounds like a great idea on paper, but there was plen­ty of room for doubt as to whether Nin­ten­do would nail it in prac­tice. Thank­ful­ly for Super Mario Mak­er, Nin­ten­do did the fran­chise jus­tice with their lev­el builder and cre­at­ed a game I still boot up on a dai­ly basis. Let’s face it, the Super Mario games are fun and hav­ing a near­ly unlim­it­ed sup­ply of new stages to try can only be a good thing. From the ter­ri­ble lev­els to the clever and devi­ous ones, I enjoy hop­ping into Super Mario Mak­er every time.


Stay­ing true to the high bar they set with Spla­toon, Nin­ten­do has con­tin­ued to sup­port Super Mario Mak­er in some amaz­ing ways post-release. New objects, cos­tumes and lev­els have been con­sis­tent­ly com­ing out which has cer­tain­ly helped the game feel fresh after release. I have also nev­er played a con­tent cre­ation that has been eas­i­er and more fun to cre­ate lev­els myself. I have six of them pub­lished thus far and I will like­ly have more com­ing soon. The replay-val­ue of Super Mario Mak­er makes it an easy choice for my num­ber 4 game in my top 10 for the year.

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