Devel­op­ing some of the tough­est and most reward­ing games out there, From Soft­ware hit anoth­er one of out of the park with Dark Souls III. Using the same engine from Blood­borne, this game shines on both the PC and con­soles. This game ticked off every box I was look­ing for in a new Dark Souls game. Con­tain­ing a dark and gor­geous world filled with some of the tough­est boss­es I’ve faced thus far, I’m look­ing at you Name­less King you bas­tard, this is eas­i­ly the game I sank the most time into this year.


There’s some­thing to be said for the immense amount of sat­is­fac­tion earned by tak­ing down a par­tic­u­lar­ly tough boss in Dark Souls III. The decent amount of choic­es the series allows you to make as you upgrade your char­ac­ter makes each fight both a puz­zle and a math prob­lem that, even when you solve it, takes an amount of skill to over­come. From begin­ning to end I was hooked until that final boss fight came to an end in my favor. With­in the same year, they’ve man­aged to release the first DLC chap­ter in the game, Ash­es of Arian­del, which adds even more awe­some boss­es and a new sec­tion of world to explore. Let me refill my estus at this bon­fire so I can cement Dark Souls III as my num­ber three game of 2016.

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