One of the series that has stuck to its guns and not made major changes to its visu­al design for a long time is the Poké­mon series. This year with the release of Poké­mon X/Y, Nin­ten­do sur­prised us all and final­ly released a game with ful­ly 3D bat­tles. If that weren’t enough, there were tons of improve­ments to minus­cule things in the series that got addressed in this release.

PokemonXY-6The result of all these var­i­ous changes are these new games that look to be ready to ush­er in a whole new era of the fran­chise. Not to men­tion the fact that the game itself is quite fun and does the best job of keep­ing your jour­ney through the new region inter­est­ing through­out your entire adven­ture. Add to that, the new Mega Evo­lu­tions giv­ing new forms to some of our favorite old­er Poké­mon and you’ve got a game that def­i­nite­ly deserves the num­ber 6 spot on my top 10 list this year.

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