ESH | Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

March­ing into a dun­geon and smash­ing some liv­ing skele­tons into dust is a sta­ple of any great brawler RPG and there are few bet­ter expe­ri­ences than the orig­i­nal Dragon’s Crown. Orig­i­nally an extremely gor­geous game, this remas­ter takes each of the artis­tic ele­ments of the game and cranks them up to eleven. Sport­ing both sound and visual remas­ters, Dragon’s Crown Pro is def­i­nitely the ver­sion to own if you’re sport­ing a shiny new 4K TV in your liv­ing room.


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Review | Death Road to Canada

Canada always seems to be the goal of post-apocalyptic trav­el­ers seek­ing respite from the assault of the undead. I sup­pose the rea­son­ing is that it’s cold-enough up there that the zom­bie hordes won’t be able to cope, but Death Road to Canada offers a much more silly and awe­some expla­na­tion for this. I won’t dis­cuss this here, you’ll have to make it to the bor­der your­self to find out. Instead, let’s talk about the goofy jour­ney that Death Road to Canada puts you through in this pixel-based brawler.


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ESH | Mr. Shifty Review

Tele­por­ta­tion has always been on my short list for super pow­ers I would most like to have at my dis­posal. Tak­ing the nat­ural pro­gres­sion of this power and cast­ing you as a tele­port­ing thief, Mr. Shifty is the brawler I have been await­ing for quite a while. Com­bin­ing break­neck over­head action sim­i­lar to Hot­line Miami and Nightcrawler-style tele­por­ta­tion, this game scratches mul­ti­ple itches I didn’t even know were there for me. Mr. Shifty empow­ers the player and makes you feel like a com­plete badass as you punch your way through rooms of gun-toting goons.


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ESH | ‘Heart&Slash’ is Retro-Inspired Goodness

Start­ing from the begin­ning in any rogue­like game can make it hard to feel like any real progress is being made. Most of these end up fill­ing that gap by either hav­ing a set of per­ma­nent unlock­ables or rely­ing on the player to get bet­ter at the game. What sur­prised me about Heart&Slash was that they actu­ally snuck a per­sis­tent story in there as well. Tight and fast-paced com­bat, an excel­lent score and pleas­ing visu­als lead this game to being a sur­pris­ingly good rogue­like brawl­ing experience.


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ESH | ‘Mutants in Manhattan’ Is a Few Slices Short

Sat­ur­day morn­ing car­toons were always such a huge pro­duc­tion when I was younger. If you wanted to see your favorite show, you had to wake up early and make sure your butt was planted in front of that TV in time to see them. One show that was always worth wip­ing the crust out of my eyes early on a Sat­ur­day morn­ing was Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles. As such, when I heard that Plat­inumGames, who recently released a pretty decent Trans­form­ers game, was mak­ing a game based on one of my favorite child­hood car­toons, I was excited. The ques­tion I was faced with after play­ing Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles: Mutants in Man­hat­tan ended up being whether nos­tal­gia is enough to make an oth­er­wise trou­bled game enjoyable.


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