The Platinum Diaries | NCIS


Why This Game?

I have been sit­ting on this one for a while, but decided it was finally time to crack this one open over the week­end and grab the rel­a­tively easy plat­inum in NCIS for PS3. This is one of those famously easy games to plat­inum, all of the tro­phies are unmiss­able, but what ended up being more inter­est­ing was how much fun I had with it. I’ll get to that a bit later, but suf­fice to say that this might be my most-recommended easy plat­inum ever earned. Con­tinue read­ing

The Platinum Diaries | Trine 2 (PS3)

PlatinumTrine2 Why This Game? The plat­inum require­ments for this game baf­fles me. Pretty much all of them are skill-based, all but one of the tro­phies are gold and you don’t even have to fin­ish the game. In short, to answer the orig­i­nal ques­tion, this one is seemed very quick. Cau­tion: This is refer­ring only to the orig­i­nal PS3 release and not Trine 2: Com­plete Story that is also avail­able for the PS4. Con­tinue read­ing