Ramblings | The Wii U Direct Emotional Roller-Coaster

Nin­tendo is one video game com­pany I can always count on to sur­prise me when I think I know every­thing they have to offer.  Just a few days ago, they posted one of their Nin­tendo Direct videos aimed at announce­ments for the Wii U.  Curi­ous as to what they could be announc­ing at this point, I decided to take a look.  What fol­lowed was one of the biggest emo­tional roller-coasters I’ve ever rid­den whilst watch­ing a stream­ing video.  Let’s go through each of the announce­ments one by one:


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ESH | Get Your Ticket to Nintendo Land

Every new game sys­tem needs that first game.  You know the one if talk­ing about; the title that takes the time to really show you what capa­bil­i­ties the con­sole has.  If you bought the deluxe pack­age of the Wii U, then that title was packed right in the box for you.  In Nin­tendo Land, the tit­u­lar com­pany cre­ates an amuse­ment park of fun to teach you how their new sys­tem can be used.  Like any amuse­ment park, some rides are going to be more pop­u­lar than oth­ers, but the over­all expe­ri­ence leaves you with a big smile.

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