ESH | Hand of Fate 2 Review

Table­top gam­ing has been some­thing I’ve only got­ten deeper into with the last few years, while my video game hobby has been around since I could hold a con­troller. Since I started get­ting more into play­ing board games, I’ve been excited to see the two types of games blend together. There has been no bet­ter exam­ple of this con­cept than Hand of Fate. Tak­ing some core con­cepts of table­top gam­ing, like draw­ing cards for ran­dom chance encoun­ters, and mix­ing them with video game con­cepts like real-time com­bat encoun­ters, it worked sur­pris­ingly well. Hand of Fate 2 takes all of this and expands upon every­thing adding more ele­ments and improv­ing the over­all struc­ture of how the game is played to make for an even bet­ter blend.


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Wednesday Night Stream | Hand of Fate 2


Join me for some digital-tabletop action at 10pm EST! Feel free to com­ment on this post directly or head off to my Twitch Page to chat with me as I play! Review code pro­vided by Stride PR.

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E3 2016 | Escape Room in a Box: The Werewolf Experiment

Table­top gam­ing is some­thing I only became pas­sion­ate about in the last few years, but it has really sunk its fangs into me. Were­wolf, or Mafia as I played it in col­lege, has always been one of my favorite games because of the vari­ety and sto­ries cre­ated while play­ing. Escape rooms have also recently become a huge phe­nom­e­non lately and, as a huge puz­zle fan, I’ve tried quite a few around where I live. This year, the Indiecade, which is my favorite place at E3 to spot awe­some new games, hosted a few table­top games. Escape Room in a Box: The Were­wolf Exper­i­ment imme­di­ately drew my atten­tion by com­bin­ing both of these con­cepts and I man­aged to secure a seat to play it at the show.


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E3 2016 | Hand of Fate 2

Per­fect­ing a for­mula doesn’t always hap­pen on the first go around. Some­times iter­at­ing on a con­cept is the best way to take a good idea and turn it into a great one. The orig­i­nal Hand of Fate game was already one of the best table­top and video game mashups I’ve played. The sequel, Hand of Fate 2, looks to take those great con­cepts and expand upon them in clever ways to bring the game to the next level.


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ESH | Banana & Co. Performs a Mobile ‘Coup’

There are many table­top games I’d love to see playable in elec­tronic form. The main prob­lem ends up being that many of them are either too com­plex or take too long to play to be prop­erly repli­cated on some­thing like an iPhone. Enter one of my favorite games to bring to a game night: Coup. The rules are fairly sim­ple and games only take about 10 min­utes to com­plete. This makes it per­fect for the leap onto a mobile plat­form. Luck­ily, the folks over at Banana & Co. agree with me on this point and have made a lovely ver­sion of the game for iPhone.


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