E3 2016 | Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Hav­ing only played one other VR demo in my life, I got the chance to try out the PlaySta­tion VR head­set for the first time at the after­party for the Sony event. As a huge fan of last year’s Until Dawn, nat­u­rally my first choice was the VR roller coaster game Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Tak­ing visual style and some char­ac­ters from Until Dawn proper, this on-rails shooter wasn’t per­fect, but the thrills and chills sold me on the idea of VR in a big way.


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GOTY 2015 | Number 3 — Until Dawn

Before play­ing a moment of Until Dawn, I knew it was going to be a hit with me. As an avid fan of both the hor­ror genre and the narrative-driven games I knew this game would be tailer-made to scratch all of the right itches for my var­i­ous inter­ests. Antic­i­pat­ing this, I recorded my entire first play-through and had a blast while doing so. Since then, to see what var­i­ous effects choices might have, I have played through the entire game another three times. Even with the rel­a­tively low amount of time it takes to com­plete the game, this is quite a bit of time and clocks in eas­ily as one of my most-played games of the year.

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ESH | ‘Blue and Bullets’ is a Brutal and Stylish Adventure

Narrative-driven games have seen a huge boom in the last few years. From the many titles being worked on by Tell­tale Games to the recent hor­ror title Until Dawn, if you’re look­ing for a good yarn, then gam­ing is a great place to look right now. Since Tell­tale seems to be snatch­ing up all of the licensed sto­ries, other devel­op­ers have had to get more cre­ative. Enter devel­oper A Crowd of Mon­sters with their new adven­ture game Blues and Bul­lets. Tak­ing real life his­tor­i­cal fig­ures and build­ing an inter­est­ing and bru­tal noir story, this is one episodic tale worth check­ing out.


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Smashed Rook Live | Until Dawn Parts 11–14

Here is the big finale! Ten­sions mount and peo­ple die as the story reaches the dra­matic con­clu­sion. Who will live and who will die? Watch and find out with my last 4 videos below. Thank you all so much for watch­ing and met me know if you’ve enjoyed the series by com­ment­ing here or on my YouTube page.


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ESH | Choose Your Own Horror

Many car trips and late nights with my read­ing lamp were spent read­ing the pop­u­lar Choose Your Own Adven­ture book series as a kid. I loved both the agency it gave me to help effect the out­come of the story and the abil­ity to go back and make new choices on a sec­ond run just to see what hap­pens. With hor­ror being my favorite genre therein, I enjoyed one about space vam­pires quite a bit, the first time I saw Until Dawn I knew it was tailor-made for me to enjoy. Though the branch­ing paths are less dras­tic than I ini­tially sus­pected, Until Dawn is the first inter­ac­tive cin­e­matic expe­ri­ence to really nail it on every front.


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Smashed Rook Live | Until Dawn Parts 7–10

As the dan­ger begins to be real, the group finds them­selves in more and more pre­car­i­ous sit­u­a­tions. With new bud­dies like a wolf, Kim and I work hard to thwart the evil jump scares and chicken wings from this series of episodes. Enjoy!


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Smashed Rook Live | Until Dawn Parts 4–6

Clos­ing out the first six, slightly echoey, episodes of Until Dawn the action is really start­ing to ramp up and the stakes are get­ting even higher! I’ve greatly enjoyed the game up to this point and there are even more sur­prises in stock for the upcom­ing, absolutely echo­less, episodes. Keep your eyes peeled here for more videos and check out my YouTube chan­nel for daily uploads! There might even be extra ones for the week­end! Stay tuned…


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Smashed Rook Live | Until Dawn Parts 1–3

I have been look­ing for­ward to Until Dawn since the big shift in its devel­op­ment hap­pened. The major crux of this game is that all of your deci­sions can lead to a very dif­fer­ent out­come, so my thought was to save my entire first play though so that you all can either watch or com­pare with your par­tic­u­lar run. Either way, instead of the Wednes­day Night Stream tonight, let me present you with the first 3 parts of my Until Dawn run. Enjoy!


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E3 2015 | Show Floor Glimpse

The E3 show floor is a pretty crazy sight to behold and one of the worst places on planet Earth to have a hang­over. For just a brief time, I shot a lit­tle bit of video walk­ing around the show floor to give you an idea. Enjoy and try to imag­ine you’re there and play­ing all those unre­leased games! The thumbs up at the end is for Until Dawn, by the way, because it’s awesome.