Atmos­pher­ic explo­ration puz­zle games have long been per­fect­ed by the likes of Team Ico with titles like Ico and The Last Guardian pro­vid­ing stel­lar exam­ples of how the genre is done right. Show­ing clear inspi­ra­tion from the afore­men­tioned games, Tequi­la Works has craft­ed a beau­ti­ful game in RiME, trans­port­ing the play­er to a sea­side tem­ple with a bevy of secrets to unfold. Tech­ni­cal glitch­es occa­sion­al­ly mar the Nin­ten­do Switch ver­sion of Rime, but the over­all expe­ri­ence is a gor­geous and sat­is­fy­ing puz­zle adventure.


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