Before even play­ing this game, I prob­a­bly could’ve told you it was going to end up on this list. With how I felt about the orig­i­nal Bioshock and the track record of Irra­tional Games, this one was bound to end up some­where on here. What actu­al­ly hap­pened with Bioshock Infi­nite with an impec­ca­bly real­ized world and inter­est­ing char­ac­ters you real­ly come to care for quite a bit.

bioshock_infinite_4The com­bat end­ed up not being the thing to write home about this time around, don’t get me wrong it was also quite a bit of fun, but that’s not why I took the trip up to Colum­bia. It was the writ­ing and atmos­phere that drove me for­ward dur­ing the course of this adven­ture and ulti­mate­ly what made me love it so much. Even with some poten­tial plot com­pli­ca­tions, this game deserves its spot as my num­ber 4 game on my top 10 list of this year.

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