ESH | Control Bladders with Men’s Room Mayhem

Have you ever found your­self want­ing des­per­ately to direct traf­fic in sev­eral pubic men’s restrooms? No? Well, you can do it any­way in one of the newest releases on the Vita. Men’s Room May­hem takes a page from the book of games like Diner Dash and Flight Con­trol and tasks you with run­ning a clean and safe restroom. The action gets hec­tic really quickly and they’ve included enough hooks to make it a fun and sat­is­fy­ing expe­ri­ence for a very low ask­ing price.


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Hear Me Out | The Xbox One Reveal

Microsoft unveiled their new, let’s call it an enter­tain­ment sys­tem, yes­ter­day and the inter­net exploded with opin­ions. A few of them have been good, quite a lot have been neg­a­tive and some have even fallen into neu­tral. I def­i­nitely have opin­ions of the Xbox One from what I saw yes­ter­day, but they may not be what you think if you fol­lowed my Twit­ter feed dur­ing the reveal. Let’s dive into this cross-examination style with a seg­ment I’m going to call: Lead­ing the Witness.


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ESH | Demo the HD Squid-Zombie

One of the best indi­ca­tors of the qual­ity an HD port of a mobile game is the amount of time they spend on it. If it’s been done rather quickly, it’ll likely either be fine, but not out­stand­ing or even ugly and glitchy. If they take their time, while not always a slam dunk, these ports can really ben­e­fit from the move. After play­ing the demo ver­sion of Res­i­dent Evil: Rev­e­la­tions, it’s look­ing so far to be the latter.


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ESH | Don’t Be a Baby, Kickstart Among the Sleep

Many would agree that one of the most neglected and mis­rep­re­sented gen­res out there in video games nowa­days is hor­ror. Most of the estab­lished hor­ror series, Res­i­dent Evil and Silent Hill for exam­ple, have evolved through the years to incor­po­rate action-based game­play. Recently, a trend has emerged in the games that have been suc­cess­ful with scar­ing the pants off their play­ers. Strip­ping play­ers of all the power they usu­ally have in games like that leaves you feel­ing unnerved and exposed. First-person hor­ror adven­ture game Among the Sleep looks to do just that by putting you in the shoes of a toddler.


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