Many would agree that one of the most neglect­ed and mis­rep­re­sent­ed gen­res out there in video games nowa­days is hor­ror. Most of the estab­lished hor­ror series, Res­i­dent Evil and Silent Hill for exam­ple, have evolved through the years to incor­po­rate action-based game­play. Recent­ly, a trend has emerged in the games that have been suc­cess­ful with scar­ing the pants off their play­ers. Strip­ping play­ers of all the pow­er they usu­al­ly have in games like that leaves you feel­ing unnerved and exposed. First-per­son hor­ror adven­ture game Among the Sleep looks to do just that by putting you in the shoes of a toddler.


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