ESH | A Dungeoneer of Chance and Charm

Dungeon-crawling card game is, fun­nily enough, a phrase I’ve heard before to describe a video game. The dif­fer­ences that The Guild of Dun­geoneer­ing brings to the table involve adding rogue-lite mechan­ics and an immense amount of charm to the mix. While occa­sion­ally the ran­dom chance feels a bit unfair, the fun design had me quest­ing with my Dun­geoneers for hours on end.


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ESH | The Best of the Big Ones

Now that a lit­tle time has passed since E3 2015, I’ve had some time to reflect back on some of the awe­some titles from the big devel­op­ers. A few of them we’ve seen before and there were even some that are brand new, but all of them are going to rock my socks off when they finally come out. You might be sick of hear­ing about them by now, but I just wanted to take a minute to give props to all of the big games that excite me most from E3 2015.


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ESH | Seeds of a Harvest Moon

One of the most com­monly enjoyed activ­i­ties in video games might be sur­pris­ing. Fun­nily enough, in stark con­trast to real­ity, peo­ple just love doing chores in video games. Enter one of the most pop­u­lar of these games in the his­tory: Har­vest Moon. I got a chance to see a very early build of the lat­est entry in the series, Har­vest Moon: Seeds of Mem­o­ries, and Nat­sume has promised that they have taken many of the promis­ing fea­tures from Har­vest Moon: The Lost Val­ley and incor­po­rated them into what makes the series spe­cial for this new title.


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ESH | Magic Duels Does Free Right

Free-to-play is always a dan­ger­ous propo­si­tion to make, but it can cer­tainly be done the right way. Wiz­ards of the Coast are very pro­tec­tive of Magic: The Gath­er­ing, and why shouldn’t they be, it’s one of the most pop­u­lar games in the world. As such, they’ve put quite a bit of thought into bring­ing Magic Duels: Ori­gins into the free-to-play TCG arena and are, at this point at least, say­ing all the right things to keep those red flags from pop­ping up in my head.


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ESH | PES Has Their 20th Birthday

Sports video games have never been a huge thing for me. I’m just not a big enough fan of the sports them­selves to get the con­text of what I’m play­ing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched soc­cer matches and under­stand the basic rules, but I’m cer­tainly not an expert. This gave me an inter­est­ing idea: to try out PES 2016 at E3 from the per­spec­tive of some­one who is not a huge soc­cer or sports video game fan.


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