If there’s one genre of game out there that real­ly needs to be tak­en down a peg, it’s zom­bie games.  Slow and dumb AI is met with over­done jump scares that real­ly aren’t impress­ing any­one out there.  Whether you’re going it alone, as in the Res­i­dent Evil series, or team up with a group of sur­vivors, via the Left 4 Dead games, there’s noth­ing more tedious than hav­ing to deal with an onslaught of nev­er-end­ing undead ene­mies.  If all that was­n’t enough, you have to deal with the campy and under­de­vel­oped sto­ries in these games as well.  With that, let’s go over the 5 Things I hate about zom­bie games.


Nothing -

Did you real­ly buy this?

Nada -

Zom­bie games are awesome!

Zip -

Some of my favorite games out there fea­ture zombies.

Zilch -

My favorite game last year WAS a zom­bie game!

April Fools -

Yeah, you prob­a­bly saw that coming.

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