5 Things | I Love About My Father

Fathers Day is a time to cel­e­brate those unsung heroes: the fathers. That par­ent who makes sure you know right from wrong and is always will­ing to get their hands dirty. The unwa­ver­ing gran­ite that you can always rely upon. Today how­ever, I’m not just here to talk about any old father, I’m of course here to dis­cuss MY father. So, with­out fur­ther ado, I give you 5 things I love about my father.


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5 Things | I Hate About Zombie Games

If there’s one genre of game out there that really needs to be taken down a peg, it’s zom­bie games.  Slow and dumb AI is met with over­done jump scares that really aren’t impress­ing any­one out there.  Whether you’re going it alone, as in the Res­i­dent Evil series, or team up with a group of sur­vivors, via the Left 4 Dead games, there’s noth­ing more tedious than hav­ing to deal with an onslaught of never-ending undead ene­mies.  If all that wasn’t enough, you have to deal with the campy and under­de­vel­oped sto­ries in these games as well.  With that, let’s go over the 5 Things I hate about zom­bie games.


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5 Things | I Love About My PS3

Every­one love to talk about which gam­ing con­sole is their favorite.  Com­par­ing sys­tems to decide which is best is some­thing nat­ural for fans, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.  I’m not claim­ing that any one home con­sole is any bet­ter than the other, in fact I love them all for dif­fer­ent rea­sons, but I want to take a few moments today to acknowl­edge a few of the things that I love about my PS3.

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5 Things | That Are My Gaming Traditions

Every­one has tra­di­tions that they fol­low every year.  Some peo­ple like to visit cer­tain loca­tions, eat par­tic­u­lar foods or lis­ten to a favorite song.  Sev­eral of my tra­di­tions, as you might have guessed, involve video games and I’d like to share five of them with you right now.

5 Things Traditions

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5 Things | I Rock to On My Commute

Often when I’m rid­ing the rail to or from work, while I’d love to be gam­ing, it’s much eas­ier to just lis­ten to some tunes.  You might, at this point, be ask­ing what kind of music I lis­ten to dur­ing my com­mute.  I’m here to tell you that, while I often lis­ten to a vari­ety of things, my favorites are usu­ally songs from video games.  Here are five of the ones that I crank the vol­ume up all the way when they come on.  I’ve included links to each song on the title, so feel free to give them a lis­ten and hear for yourself.


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5 Things | I’m Going To Do In the Wii U Line

With every big sys­tem launch, there’s always a line to stand in. If you reserved the con­sole, your place in line isn’t as big a deal, but there’ll still be a bit of wait­ing asso­ci­ated with the big day.  So, the ques­tion becomes, what do you do while wait­ing to bring home your new piece of tech­nol­ogy?  This is a ques­tion that I will need to face tomor­row morn­ing, so here are 5 things I will be doing while in line for the Wii U tomorrow.

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5 Things | That Excite Me About the Wii U

Nin­tendo has a home con­sole hit­ting store shelves fairly soon and I’m get­ting pretty excited about the whole thing.  Nin­tendo is all about inno­va­tion and fun, so their new sys­tem is packed to the gills with great new fea­tures.  With­out fur­ther ado I bring you, in no par­tic­u­lar order, five things that excite me about the Wii U.

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