GOTY 2015 | Number 8 — Soma

Scary games tend to ter­rify their audi­ences using jump scares most often. Some titles choose to go down a dif­fer­ent route and, while some of those same cheap thrills exist, they decide to make you really think about what’s going on. In Soma, in between being chased down by weird diver-looking under­wa­ter mon­sters or giant fish, your forced to make some dif­fi­cult choices that will not only have your sweat­ing bul­lets, but hav­ing to think hard about who you really are and whether your per­cep­tion of your­self is really true.


Soma was made by the cre­ators of Amne­sia: The Dark Descent, so expec­ta­tions for a scary expe­ri­ence were high going into the game. The jump scares don’t hap­pen nearly so often with Soma, but the true ter­ror lies in the choices that you make and their impli­ca­tions. I was so totally sucked in to Soma that I had to keep play­ing to see what hap­pened next. Not in a long tim have I been as equalled enthralled and dis­turbed by a nar­ra­tive in a game as with Soma which makes it an easy pick for my num­ber 8 game in my top 10 games of the year.