Val­ue is one of the most sub­jec­tive con­cepts in the world and thus can be dif­fi­cult to nail down. Some­thing that might be of great val­ue to one per­son can just as eas­i­ly be a ter­ri­ble deal for some­one else. Spurned by the release of Met­al Gear Sol­id V: Ground Zeroes, this is a top­ic that has been dis­cussed fre­quent­ly in the last week. There is a sys­tem which I use to judge how much val­ue some­thing has in rela­tion to the amount of time is spent enjoy­ing it. I’d like to share that with you today, but know that you may not agree with it, and that’s per­fect­ly okay, it’s just some­thing that has worked for me in the past.


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