The hype was real for The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild, but no one could have seen just how inno­v­a­tive and rein­vig­o­rat­ing the game would end up. Nin­ten­do had been play­ing it safe for too long with the Zel­da series and vowed to go back to its roots for Breath of the Wild. The suc­cess they found with this new for­mu­la will like­ly go on to influ­ence the series going for­ward and like­ly the design of open world games in gen­er­al. Many open world games rely on point­ing the play­er in the direc­tion they want them to go, for fear of them get­ting bored. Nin­ten­do expert­ly solved the issue that oth­er devel­op­ers did­n’t even see here, by rid­ding the world of devel­op­er-laid icons and allow­ing the play­er to choose their own jour­ney. Stand­ing at the top of a tow­er, you might see some­thing that looks inter­est­ing and decide to inves­ti­gate. Near­ly every time, you will be reward­ed for your curios­i­ty with some­thing, even if it’s some­thing small. This is what sep­a­rates Breath of the Wild from oth­er open world games. It allows play­ers to cre­ate their own sto­ries and explore the world at their own pace, while pack­ing every nook and cran­ny with fun things to find. Hours melt­ed away while I was play­ing Breath of the Wild as I got lost in the gor­geous world. The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild is one of the best games ever made and eas­i­ly deserves the spot as the best game of 2017.


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