The Platinum Diaries | No Man’s Sky


Why This Game?

I had been pretty pumped for No Man’s Sky ever since its debut trailer first aired at the 2013 VGX awards. When the game finally landed in my hands, it had been paired down to a bit more real­is­tic prod­uct for a small indie team to be mak­ing, but I remained excited to play. Frankly, I think the game has received a bit more flak than it deserves, but that’s a topic for another day. The tro­phy break­down for No Man’s Sky involved earn­ing what are called mile­stones for per­form­ing var­i­ous actions you would nor­mally do in the game. Thus, I fig­ured, earn­ing the plat­inum is akin to com­plet­ing the game, since it doesn’t really have a con­crete end­ing. Paired with both this idea and my enthu­si­asm for the game, I set out to get this plat­inum tro­phy. Con­tinue read­ing

ESH | ‘Shadows of Kurgansk’ Mixes Sanity with Survival

Sur­vival games are amongst the most dense gam­ing expe­ri­ences that are out there right now. Com­monly just plop­ping you into the world and let­ting you fig­ure things out all by your lone­some, it can be dif­fi­cult to really get into one of these games. It is because of this fact, that I haven’t man­aged to truly get into any sur­vival games as of yet. Shad­ows of Kur­gansk, cur­rently in early access on Steam, fea­tures a story mode which may just be what I need to get my foot in the door of this genre that has eluded me thus far.


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ESH | Live Your Dino-Riding Dreams In ARK: Survival Evolved

Sur­vival is a genre that has seen a huge push in the last few years. From zombie-filled waste­lands to just the wilder­ness, these games cre­ate liv­ing and breath­ing worlds for play­ers to expe­ri­ence in what­ever way they choose. To that end, it was only a mat­ter of time before some­one took up the man­tle to cre­ate a world where I can ride freak­ing dinosaurs. In addi­tion, with the power of VR, you can visit this world in a more real way than ever before. Ladies and gen­tle­men, let’s have a chat about a lit­tle game called ARK: Sur­vival Evolved.


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ESH | How to Survive Puts the Emphasis Back on Survival

When faced with a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse, often the first thing one might think of is how they’re going to take down the hordes of the undead. This is cer­tainly an impor­tant point to think about, but there’s some­thing even I often for­get to take into con­sid­er­a­tion: basic sur­vival. How to Sur­vive takes this con­cept and runs with it by strand­ing you on sev­eral desert-islands infested with zom­bies and tasks you with staving off your hunger and thirst in addi­tion to the horde of ghouls that infest the islands.


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